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The AniTec model for Ethanol dehydration is an innovative approach that uses Cyclohexane as a dehydrating agent, presenting a series of distinctive characteristics that enhance the operational efficiency of the process.


INHIBITION OF ETHANOL RECYCLE TO THE RECTIFICATION COLUMN: A notable feature is the impossibility of recycling ethanol to the rectification column. This specific approach contributes to a more controlled and efficient operation, avoiding potential complications associated with recycling.

INTEGRATED TERNARY DECANTER: The AniTec model incorporates a ternary decanter installed on the operating floor. This arrangement eliminates the need for pumps, simplifying the system and reducing operational complexity. The presence of the ternary decanter also contributes to efficient phase separation, improving the quality of the final product.

EFFICIENCY OF CYCLOHEXANE AS A DEHYDRATING AGENT: Cyclohexane, used as a dehydrating agent, demonstrates effectiveness in removing water from ethanol, contributing to the production of high-quality anhydrous product.

PRECISE PROCESS CONTROL: The impossibility of ethanol recycling and the presence of the ternary decanter not only simplify the operation but also enable more precise process control, resulting in a more consistent and efficient production.

OPERATIONAL SAFETY: By using Cyclohexane as a dehydrating agent, the AniTec model reinforces operational safety, as Cyclohexane is known for its safe handling properties.

APPLICATION FLEXIBILITY: The AniTec model can be adapted to meet the specific needs of different production contexts, offering a flexible solution for ethanol dehydration.