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Neutral Hydrated Ethanol

JW is at the forefront of developing specialized equipment for the production of Neutral Hydrated Ethanol, adhering to rigorous quality standards, high efficiency, and a high level of automation that provides remarkable operational ease. These projects are meticulously customized to meet the specific needs of various market segments, reinforcing JW's commitment to customer satisfaction.

The Neutral Ethanol produced through these equipment stands out for its high added value, low impurity levels, and acidity, resulting in a superior quality product. The versatility of these projects is evidenced by the ability to use different raw materials, such as fermented cane, malt, cereals, and others, offering flexible options to producers.

In addition to the conventional atmospheric system, JW incorporates advanced technologies for neutral ethanol production units, including double-effect and vacuum systems. The significant advantages of these systems include low steam consumption, obtaining the final product with superior quality, and a substantial reduction in scaling index. This approach is particularly ideal for processes involving large quantities of salts and/or compounds prone to scaling.

An additional advantage offered by JW is the option to implement neutral ethanol projects from existing Hydrated Ethanol plants. This approach represents an efficient and cost-effective solution for clients looking to expand or enhance their neutral ethanol production capabilities without the need for completely new facilities.

In this way, our company stands out as a reference in the industry by offering complete and innovative solutions for Neutral Hydrated Ethanol production, promoting not only operational efficiency but also sustainable and high-quality production.


Hydrous Neutral Ethanol