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Molecular Sieve

Molecular Sieve technology has established itself as a distinctive technology in the sugarcane and energy sector for Anhydrous Ethanol production, and JW stands out as a leader in this segment with over 25 installed plants, totaling a significant production of approximately 14,000,000 liters/day of anhydrous ethanol. Designing equipment that meets both ANP standards and export requirements, offering distinct advantages that enhance operational efficiency.

Among the notable features of these systems is the predominantly use of low-pressure steam as the heat source, resulting in energy efficiency and operational cost reduction. Additionally, the equipment exhibits low specific consumption of steam and water, contributing to more sustainable and economical practices.

JW's Molecular Sieve process is fully automated, providing a simplified and efficient operation. This aspect highlights the company's commitment to offering advanced technological solutions that not only optimize production but also streamline daily operations.

JW offers differentiated models of Molecular Sieve, each designed to meet specific requirements:

HLSM-CR Model: Directs the phlegm generated from the regeneration of zeolite vessels to the existing ethanol rectification column in the hydrated plant. This integrated approach demonstrates enhanced efficiency in the process.

HLSM-SR Model: Has its own recirculation rectification column, using water vapor as the heat source. This model operates independently and can dehydrate ethanol during the offseason, providing operational flexibility.

HLSM-DE Model: Also has its own recirculation rectification column, using anhydrous ethanol vapor as the heat source, reducing water steam consumption. Like the previous model, it operates independently and can dehydrate ethanol in the offseason, presenting enhanced energy efficiency.


Molecular Sieve