Products and Solutions

Special Hydrated Ethanol

JW, committed to addressing the diverse needs of the ethanol market, stands out in the development of specialized projects for the production of Special Hydrated Ethanol, in accordance with specific specifications such as H1, H2, and the Korean standard.

The Special Hydrated Ethanol produced through these projects is intended for industrial applications and is not meant for human consumption. This specific category of ethanol is employed in the manufacturing of industrial products, meeting rigorous technical requirements established by the H1, H2 standards, and the Korean standard.

JW's projects are flexible and adaptable, designed to meet the ethanol quality according to the specific specifications each customer wishes to produce. This personalized approach highlights JW's commitment to meeting the unique needs of each customer, providing tailored solutions for different contexts and industrial applications.

The versatility of our projects is evidenced by their ability to adapt to both existing plants and the construction of entirely new facilities. This provides customers with a wide range of options, allowing the expansion or optimization of their Special Hydrated Ethanol production capabilities according to their goals and specific requirements.