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Ethanol purification

Ethanol Purification Units are carefully sized and built in a single module, operating with ion exchange resins. Whether for hydrated, neutral, or anhydrous ethanol, the process occurs as the fed product passes through the resin bed in direct contact, resulting in the complete removal of impurities.


  • Ion Exchange Resins:
    • Use of ion exchange resins, ensuring comprehensive and effective purification of ethanol.
  • Demineralization of Ethanol:
    • Central goal to demineralize ethanol, retaining salts in the form of cations (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron) and anions (sulfates, chlorides, acetic acid acidity), along with other potential contaminants present in industrial-grade ethanol.
  • Versatility of Ethanol Types:
    • Flexible application to different types of ethanol, ranging from hydrated to neutral and anhydrous.
  • Compact and Portable:
    • Compact construction allows easy transport to other units, providing mobility and operational versatility.


  • Comprehensive Removal of Impurities:
    • Ion exchange resin technology ensures complete and comprehensive removal of impurities, contributing to the production of high-purity ethanol.
  • Efficient Demineralization:
    • Ethanol demineralization results in the effective retention of salts and other contaminants, improving the quality of the final product.
  • Versatility and Adaptation:
    • The technology's versatility allows application to different types of ethanol, adapting to the specific needs of production.
  • Operational Mobility:
    • The transportability facilitates implementation in different locations or units, providing operational flexibility.
  • Contribution to Ethanol Quality:
    • The purification process significantly contributes to raising the quality standards of the produced ethanol, meeting the industry's strictest requirements.

JW Equipment's Ethanol Purification Units not only offer an advanced solution for impurity removal but also demonstrate a commitment to efficiency, versatility, and quality in ethanol production in the sugarcane and energy industry.