Products and Solutions

Ethanol Recovery Columns

JW has developed equipment, which uses the principles of gaseous absorption, in order to increase productivity and efficiency in the production of ethanol.

The purpose of the installation of a gaseous absorption equipment is to recover the ethanol that is entrained along with the CO2 produced in the fermentation. 

With more than 80 columns in operation, projected through customized projects, JW offers different models for the installation of Absorption Columns:

  • On the Main Vat: The liquid reaching the base already falls on the main vat, eliminating pump needs and liquid level control at the base.

  • On the floor on the concrete base: In this case it is necessary to use a pump to return the phlegm to the main vat and we recommend the installation of an automatic valve, for the control of liquid level in the base of the column.

  • On the metal structure: The liquid that reaches the base of the column already falls by gravity in the main vat, eliminating the need for pump and level control in the base.