Products and Solutions


A fundamental process in alcohol production, fermentation provides fermentation units that stand out for the high alcohol concentration achieved. These units have been designed with the goal of optimizing subsequent distillation processes, focusing on energy efficiency and reducing the volume of vinasse production, achieving an impressive ratio of up to 6 liters of vinasse per liter of ethanol produced.

The equipment developed by JW is designed in accordance with widely recognized codes and standards applicable both in Brazil and internationally. This approach ensures not only quality but also compliance with strict safety and efficiency standards.

The uniqueness of these fermentation units lies in their versatility, allowing for fermentative processes from various raw materials. Among them, sugarcane juice, cane syrup, corn, and other sources stand out, offering a diverse range of options to producers. This flexibility is crucial to meet the specific demands of different production contexts, promoting an adaptable and efficient approach.

By providing not only high alcohol concentration but also considering factors such as energy efficiency and waste reduction, our company aims to offer comprehensive and sustainable solutions for the fermentation and distillation industry, aligned with current demands for more efficient and environmentally responsible industrial practices.