Products and Solutions

Hydrous Fuel Ethanol

Responsible for efficient projects of more than 60 operating plants that produce 35 million liters / day of Fuel hydrous Ethanol, JW stands out in the national and international markets with products that meet the ANP standard, elaborating customized projects so that the necessity of each One The customer is reached.

JW technology deals with the lowest to the highest level of concentration of ethanol in the fermentation and different production capacities that today vary from 90,000 L / D up to 1,300,000 L / D.

It offers the option of indirect heating in the exhaustion columns, using thermosiphon or falling film evaporators, providing a reduction in the extraction of the volume of vinasse.

The equipment can operate at atmospheric pressure, and with the collaboration of MDT engineering, JW also offers projects in double effect and under vacuum, with the following characteristics:

Atmospheric pressure

  • Lower cost of investment 

  • Fractional extraction 

Under Vacuum

  • Economy in the consumption of steam

  • Decreases the fouling factor of the equipment

  • Operates at lower temperatures