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Hydrous Neutral Ethanol

JW in collaboration with engineering MDT, develops equipment for production of Neutral Ethanol, following rigorous standards of quality, high efficiency and high level of automation, which provides greater operational ease. The designs are customized to meet the needs of each customer from different market segments.

With a high added value and a low amount of impurities and acidity, Neutral Ethanol is a product of superior quality.

It can be obtained through different raw materials, such as: fermented must from cane, malt, cereals and others.

In addition to the conventional atmospheric system, JW has technology for neutral ethanol production equipment, with double-effect and low-vacuum systems.

Among the great advantages of the system in double effect and low vacuum, we can emphasize: low steam consumption, obtaining the final product with superior quality and low index of incrustation. Ideal for processes with large amounts of salts and / or compounds that cause incrustations.

JW also can offer, as an option, the implantation of projects of neutral ethanol from Hydrous Ethanol existing plants.


Hydrous Neutral Ethanol