Products and Solutions

Vinasse Concentration

JW develops projects for the manufacturing of Vinasse Concentration Systems, available in the following options:

  • Energy Integration System:
    • Operates in conjunction with the distillery, harnessing the energy available at the top of the rectification column.
    • Efficiently transfers this energy to the vinasse, optimizing the overall process.
    • Stands out for energy efficiency and synergy with distillery operations
  • Conventional System:
    • Uses steam or exhaust steam as the heat source for the concentration process.
    • Offers a traditional approach, being versatile and adaptable to different operational contexts.
    • Demonstrates efficiency in reducing the volume of vinasse.

  • Reduction in Vinasse Volume:
    • Facilitates distribution to more distant areas, optimizing logistical management and reducing costs associated with transportation.
  • Reduction in Transportation Costs:
    • Decreasing the volume of vinasse results in lower transportation costs, contributing to economic efficiency.
  • Lower Costs in Fertilization and Distribution:
    • Vinasse concentration provides a more concentrated product, reducing the need for widespread fertilization and distribution.
  • Reduction in Water Consumption at the Distillery:
    • Efficient vinasse concentration contributes to a reduction in water consumption at the distillery, aligning with sustainable practices.
  • Reduction in Acid Consumption in Fermentation:
    • By applying the condensate in yeast dilution, the system reduces acid consumption in fermentation, promoting a more efficient and economical approach.
  • Low or No Steam Consumption:
    • Depending on the desired evaporation quantity, the system can operate with low or no steam consumption, resulting in energy efficiency and reduced operational costs.