Products and Solutions

Vinasse Concentration

JW in collaboration with LM engineering develops projects for the manufacture of Vinasse Concentration Systems, in the following options:

System with energy integration:: Operates in conjunction with the distillery, being able to absorb the energy available at the top of the rectification column and transfer it to the vinasse.

Conventional system: Operates as hot source vegetable steam or exhaust steam.

Some benefits of vinasse concentration:

  • Reduction of the volume of vinasse, facilitating the distribution in more distant areas;

  • Reduction of transport costs;

  • Lower cost in fertilization and distribution;

  • Reduction of water consumption in the distillery;

  • Reduction in the acid consumption in the fermentation, applying the condensate in the dilution of the yeast;

  • Low or no steam consumption, depending on how much you want to evaporate.